After the Rains Come the Flowers

By Dan Weisz

With the rains and cooler weather, many of the cacti in my yard are flowering.  I know the names of a few but do not know the names of others.  I’ll just leave it to you to enjoy their colors and beauty without much commentary.  Enjoy:

The first flower to open crowds out the second.

One day later the second opened up even more and we see evidence of the morning rain.

Flowers from the Vitex plant


Our Golden Barrel flowered for the first time in years.

A crown of buds on a barrel cactus.

Meanwhile on another barrel cactus….

A pink flower, and one cactus needle that got in the way of a wide open blossom!

And finally, a flower that is practically glowing!

Next up, more of the little creatures who are enjoying the flowers as well.

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