Another Great Horned Owls Family

By Dan Weisz

We do have many Great Horned Owls in the Foothills.  Many may be nesting now and some may have already had owlets that fledged and are flying already.  A friend told me about another mid-town Great Horned Owl nest. When I returned to it yesterday morning, there were two owlets and one adult. A week ago there were three young. Either one already fledged and flew off or something else in nature ran its course. This nest was very high up in an Aleppo Pine tree and the young were very active, walking and hopping around and even showing some almost-flight activity.

I first saw mom sitting in the shade. Although it was only a bit after ten in the morning, it was already hot and the shade was critical.

Some movement caught my eye and I “found” one of the young.

I moved around the tree for a better view right at the time this one decided to walk along the branch into the heart of the tree. He stepped very carefully, as if he was walking a tightrope.

I realized he was walking towards his mother.

There was some kind of interaction. I don’t know if this is a food request or a “kiss” or just some kind of contact and familial recognition. It’s still pretty special.

And then I got “the look”.

From another angle and looking almost straight up, all three birds are visible.

Here is the second little one resting in the shade.

The first owlet later moved away from its mother. It was very hot already and it was spreading its wings to dissipate the heat.

And a good morning to you!

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