Great Horned Owls – An Update

By Dan Weisz

I’ve been busy with my camera these days. Here is the latest.

The Great Horned Owlets are growing up. The nest in the Foothills near me does not have any (baby owlet) news, so we’ll get back to that one soon. You were introduced to three other nests one week ago – look at how much the birds have changed with views from three different nests:

From the mid-town nest:
Things were getting crowded in the nest so Mama Owl has been spending some time outside of the nest. You can see the nest above her and a yard or so to her right

One of the young owls has begun developing his feathers.

And here little brother joins him on nest watch.

From the west-side saguaro nest:
A baby has hatched. Perhaps the baby was there last week but just not checking out the world. This owlet is young enough so there is still bare skin on its face and you can see its ear opening.

A close-up of this sleepy kid.

Daddy Owl watchers closely from the nearby ironwood tree.



And from the north-side nest:
The babies are also big enough to that Mom is spending some time during the day away from the nest.


Meanwhile, two owlets were on the nest.

The larger one is beginning to develop his feathers too.

Later, Mom returned to the nest but she looks like she is exhausted by the work it takes to raise little ones. Either that or she is photo-bombing the picture.

Next up, an update of the Western Screech Owls in the nest box.

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