The Bobcat Returned!

by Dan Weisz

One recent morning I stepped outside to begin watering the flowers in the pots on the front porch. Immediately I heard a Cooper’s Hawk scolding something and saw it fly over my house, landing in a mesquite tree next to me. Wondering what caused that, it didn’t take long to find out. A few seconds later, a bobcat came casually strolling around the side of the house, turning onto the front porch. It took a few steps and stopped, facing me. I dropped the hose onto the porch and retreated into the house. (I wasn’t afraid. I wanted it to have its space and, of course, I had to run and get my camera!!)

When I came back out, the cat was waiting for me. This is one beautiful animal.

Then he carefully crouched down……
As you look at these photos of the wildcat, it is interesting to see how a slight change in pose or angle makes the cat look so very different: sometimes thin, sometimes strong, at times lean, and at times muscular. It’s like he’s a shape-shifter. In the photo above the bobcat’s face looks very petite and delicate, but in the photo below placed just above its big paws, the face looks very different- bigger and stronger.

And, then he began to quench his thirst.

Notice the small ant on one of his whiskers on our left side (his right)? There is also a dried flower sticking to his chin whiskers on the other side.

He became very relaxed and ignored me, looking around. I watched and took pictures for over two long minutes as he continued to lap up the running water. Eventually, he got up and walked back the way he came (away from me and around the side of the house).

I returned into the house and excitedly shared the experience with Shelly in our kitchen. Suddenly, who should appear on the back porch but nature’s guest.

He went from alert to asleep in an instant. Time for a very short snooze in the shade – a cat nap if you will.

And then it was time to look around before leaving.

He walked around the house and across the driveway. This is when I discovered that the bobcat was definitely a male.

And off he went, into the desert.

It sure is wonderful to be able to get a glimpse some of nature’s remarkable beauty.  Life is good.

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