Your Sunday Smiles- More of the Western Screech Owls

By Dan Weisz

Yes, we’re still here watching you! All over the Foothills, Western Screech Owls just like these are going about their daily routines while we walk and drive by them, unknowingly.

When your little brother or sister tries to scootch next to you on the couch and there just isn’t enough room.

Look at that fist, er…balled up talon. What do you imagine that the owl on the right is thinking now?

As the owl on the left calmly preens, working on one feather, its sibling looks on in amazement.

Following is a series of photos of just one owl, in one spot, surveying its whole world over a period of a few minutes! This is why I return over and over again to observe these birds!

And then the final stare down.

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