Bobcats – the Next Day

By Dan Weisz

The next day we returned to Sweetwater and, after some searching, found the mother bobcat and one of her kittens. We were able to watch them for a while.

Mom is in the foreground here with the little one in the background.

Hello Kitty!

Family Portrait. In the past, there had been two kittens but the second had not been seen by anyone for a few weeks now. The collective guess is that the other kitten, a male, has moved out of the house to create his own territory. He had been seen successfully hunting independently for a while and probably was ready to head out on his own.

Mom decides it’s time to go. She’s not really whispering in the kitten’s ear but the kitten is paying attention.

Let’s go! Bye!

Sneaking out the side door, Kitten is first to go.

The kitten left the brushy retreat first, and then mom followed.

While kitten waited, mom caught up and moved to her right. You can see the difference in size between the young kitten on the left and the adult cat on the right.

And off they go!

The bobcats decided to leave the path and head into the brush on the right and behind fencing.

We walked up to where we anticipated being able to view the cats. Soon, momma bobcat appeared and walked on by in no rush.

And then the kitten followed. The cats disappeared into the brush and we turned the other way.

Another special afternoon and blessed to see the bobcats.

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