Cuteness Alert: Bobcat Kittens!

By Dan Weisz

We have bobcats, or wildcats, throughout the Foothills. They are smart and beautiful animals who have learned to live among us and to not disturb us. I met someone a few days ago who said she had a bobcat raising kittens on her roof and she invited me over. Here’s what greeted me:

Two of the kittens watched safely from under the shelter of the elevated roof.

They moved around a bit. Each of these photos is a slightly different pose.

After a while, Mom’s curiosity caused her to take a peek! This is as far as she raised her head. Notice how different her ears look compared to her kittens’ ears.

Looking towards momma!

And then one kitten made a brief appearance on the other side of the roof, but quickly retreated to her shelter.

I did return to the home this afternoon and have more shots to share in a day or so!

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