Great Horned Owls – Update #3

By Dan Weisz

I continue to monitor the Great Horned Owl nest in our Foothills neighborhood but am still waiting for some clear views of the youngsters. I saw the sequence below unfold at the mid-town Great Horned Owl nest. While it was probably a typical feeding event, and we can never know what is going on inside an owl’s head, it sure is fun to imagine……

Mom’s got a little strip of something delicious in her beak. The closest owlet gives a little pull on mom’s cheek feathers while the owlet on the outside appears unaware of what is going on.

Mother owl brings the food up for the owlet who gladly takes the tidbit to eat.

Whether this may be a request for more food or perhaps beak cleaning or perhaps nothing, it sure seems like a ‘thank-you’ peck on the cheek. And the other owlet seems to be unaware.

Meanwhile, little brother suddenly realizes he may have missed out on something, big brother pretends to look innocent, and Mom- is she winking at us?

Little brother looks forlorn, big brother is at peace, and mom is ready to nap again. Her job is done.

Mom cuddles some more.

It’s always tough being the youngest sibling.

To be continued. These owlets are now becoming big enough to stand outside of the nest. More photos to come later in the week.

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