More Baby Burrowing Owl Photos

By Dan Weisz

Here are a few more photos from my time with the Burrowing Owls a few weeks ago.  I had such a good time watching the family’s behavior.

Here is the female Owl feeding a very tiny caterpillar to one of her chicks.  The look on the slower chick is priceless.

The first owlet turns to show how very tiny the caterpillar in its beak is. Still, it is food.  The second chick is “burrowing” in to try to find any leftover snack.

Two Burrowing Owlets waiting, just waiting and waiting for their parents to return. The sun was setting so the light was a beautiful golden.

The two owlets were joined by another.  At one point the third owl did a very pronounced wing and leg stretch.  You can see that the wing feathers closest to the bird are barely coming in.

Little owls learn about the world in different ways.  This chick decided to check out the tiny grass near its feet.

It seems to have “bitten off more than it could chew”.

And with eyes closed, it worked to get that grass out of its mouth.

The sun has set, so I lost the golden light.  These photos are lighter due to processing.  Mom returned to feed one little owl.

And the other hungry chicks let mom know they needed to be taken care of too.

And even after Mom flies off, the little Burrowing Owls continue let her know they expect to be fed.

As the birds continue to explore their world, they practice their hunting skills.  One Borrowing Owlet attacks an old corn cob.  Pretty soon they’ll be practicing on dead and dying insects that the parents bring to them.

Another owlet, back at the burrow, looks towards the west.  You can see the sunset skyline reflected in its eye.

I headed back to the agricultural fields that evening, so I have more little owl photos with you later. 

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