The Return of the Deer

By Dan Weisz

The white-tailed deer that I’ve seen in my yard returned for a bit on a recent morning. She looks much healthier now and some of the scratches that she had earlier seem to have healed. She only remained around for about ten minutes this time.

What’s with these animals sticking their tongues out at me?

I know that animals don’t react emotionally to we humans but doesn’t this deer seem to be very happy to see me? I was inside the house, shooting from my kitchen window.

And is this a more subtle smile, or it that just what white-tailed deer look like under any circumstance?

As she walked away she stopped to look back at the kitchen window.

Hiding behind the adenium plants, but I can still see her.

With all of the wildlife, it amazes me that sometimes an animal can appear to be large, and then moments later appear to be very small. In this photo, the deer seems to be very tiny. Perspective is everything.

She didn’t take any of the tecoma flowers or new growth, but she continued to check it out over and over before walking up the slope and disappearing into the desert.

For more information on the local population of White-tailed Deer, here is an article by friend and naturalist Ned Harris:

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