Three Species of Raptors Hanging Out

By Dan Weisz

Lots of big birds are up and around these days in the Foothills these days. They are regulars in our neighborhood but continue to impress me:

A pair of Great Horned Owls have appeared in a friend’s nearby back yard. I’m hoping that they will be nesting nearby- the time is right for them. If any of you have perching or nesting owls that you’d like to “share” with me, let me know!!

Every morning this bird is perched on the exact same spot in the tree.

And I’ve been seeing many Cooper’s Hawks around all over town. This one along Skyline was sitting horizontally, facing a strong wind. Usually these birds sit up tall, so this pose was unusual for me. He reminded me of a weather vane.

And this Cooper’s Hawk perched in an ocotillo for the longest time. I guess any perch is as good as another.

The Harris’s Hawk family along River Road always delights me. One pole sitting:

Another adult seems to be saying, “Who are you looking at?”

Looking back.

And on a nearby tree, a juvenile Harris’s Hawk sits and waits. You can easily see the different plumage this one has compared to the adults above. This shot was taken on a cool morning, so he was a bit fluffed out with one leg tucked up for warmth.

And then the inevitable teenage cry for food and attention from the adults around him.

Next, a different hummingbird from the Allen’s, this Costa’s was also “sharing” the same flowers at the Desert Museum with the Allen’s. (Note the pollen on this bird’s forehead. That’s what happens when you stick your bill far down a trumpet shaped flower). Many more Costa’s photos to come in the next e-mail.

I have photos are available for purchase on the Etsy site below- if you do not see one of your favorites on this site, just ask! Thanks.